Three Minutes Equals One Tie

In a surprising turn of events powerhouse Opus Spiritum has tied InSight Institute for the "Greed is good?" campaign!


InSight Institute proves the best defense is a strong defense!

In a surprising upset, Casey Schott's InSight Institute has won this week's campaign, providing a solid defense of their holdings and showing that they are a significant power in the post-S.O.S. world.


iOS news

One of the main pieces of feedback we got at PAX this year was disappointment from the iPhone crowd that they couldn't play the game. While Ghost SEED is currently Android-only, we designed it from the start to be a multi-platform game, with Android and iPhone users battling it out in one happy single-server world.


The Opus Spiritum Juggernaut Wins Again

Opus Spiritum has once again shown that they are the organization to beat by taking the trophy for most territory held, beating out the InSight Institute and NODE Corporation by nearly 2:1


New Operative PAX Special!

PAX Prime 2012 opens tomorrow, and Ghost SEED will be there!

We would like to welcome our new friends to the ranks of our existing operatives with a new operative special! PAX is a special time, and we love the idea of players choosing to spend some of this time duking it out with their fellow operatives. To encourage new players to spread the love, they will be entering the game with 20,000 credits more than usual, allowing them to battle longer and harder.


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