iOS news

One of the main pieces of feedback we got at PAX this year was disappointment from the iPhone crowd that they couldn't play the game. While Ghost SEED is currently Android-only, we designed it from the start to be a multi-platform game, with Android and iPhone users battling it out in one happy single-server world.

That said, there are a few more things that have to happen before we really start in on an iPhone port: We need more artwork, we need a revamped Android map overlay, and we need a better new user experience. Once those are in, though, we'll be diving into an iOS port.

The big first step is the creation of a Google Group for news of the iOS port. This is going to be a low activity group for news of the progress of the iOS port. If you're an iOS user, please take a minute to join Ghost SEED iOS. We won't spam you, I promise.


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