All about Ghost SEED

What is Ghost SEED?

Ghost SEED is a free to play Massively Multiplayer location-based game for Android, currently in beta, that takes place in the present day and is played out across the globe. Players assume the role of new operatives working for one of three organizations competing for influence through the use of applied quantum physics. Resource collection, combat and territorial conquest all take place on a map in the game client.

Players in Ghost SEED struggle for control of territory by placing quantum Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities, or "Ghost SEEDs" in their location on the map. Some SEEDs claim areas and provide strong economic and defensive effects for the player's organization, while others attack enemy SEEDs within their range. Still others provide defensive capabilities, shielding friendly SEEDs from enemy attacks.

Unlike region-based games, players in Ghost SEED can only affect areas very close to their position in the real world. Coupled with extremely localized SEED effects, this allows for an intriguing level of tactical game play which encourages players to move around in search of advantageous positions. Unusual quantum effects place players into "ghost mode" from time to time, providing a unique opportunity to influence areas in the game players could not otherwise reach.

Ghost SEED is a single-server world, which means that every player is part of the same community and plays in the same world. Players in Ghost SEED have the opportunity to participate in broad-reaching actions with global consequences. In Ghost SEED, you can build a reputation as a strategist, mogul or warrior based on your influence across the entire world. As you play, you will earn achievements and meet challenges, providing you with universally visible proof of your status within the game.

In Ghost SEED you don't assume the role of an unskilled fictional character, relegated to a leveling grind before endgame content becomes available. Instead, all players have the same in-game capabilities and must rely on their own innate sense of strategy and tactics to compete within the game. New players can immediately jump into the global game and fill useful roles, eliminating the familiar complaint where friends of different levels are unable to game together.

Players finance their exploits in Ghost SEED by searching for and collecting energetic particles from quantum events that appear on the map, and then selling these for credits - the in-game currency - on the marketplace. For players who choose not to spend time collecting particles, credits are also available for purchase within the game.

Account Management

How do I register an account?

Ghost SEED will ask for your account details when you first start the game:

1. Select the New Account option to create your account.

2. Enter your desired user name and password, along with a valid email address.

3. Since Ghost SEED is a single-server game, usernames must be unique - you will be prompted if the name you requested is already taken.

4. Before you begin playing, you will be prompted to select an organization to join.

How much does Ghost SEED cost to play?

Ghost SEED is free to play. While in-game credits are available to purchase within the game, it is entirely possible to play extensively without spending any money at all by financing your play via in-game resource collection.

Why are you selling credits if the game is in beta?

Think of it as a very stable beta...

In all seriousness, the game is ready for release, minus some artwork that our artist is cranking out. We're using this as an opportunity to test how well the server handles load. Plus, we think the game is just fun, and we're excited to get it into the hands of players! Unlike most MMO betas, we have no plans to wipe the server at the end of beta, so anything you do (and any credits you buy) will carry over into the release world.

Since we are in beta, we've doubled the number of credits you get when you buy, as a way of saying thank you for helping support the final development of the game.

How can I retrieve my password if I lose it?

You will be informed on the login screen if the password you enter is incorrect. Click on this text and a password reminder will be mailed to the email address you supplied when you created your account.

What if my email address has changed?

You may change your email address within the game by going to the "My Account" screen.

System Requirements

What do I need to run Ghost SEED?

Ghost SEED runs on Android devices with a minimum OS of 2.2 (most Android smartphones made in the last few years have this). Ghost SEED is designed to run decently on relatively underpowered phones, and does not require particularly fast hardware. Ghost SEED requires a GPS to play, which most Android phones will have.

What about iOS/Windows/Blackberry/PS3?

Ghost SEED is currently Android-only. An iOS version is in the works and should be out by the summer of 2012. Support for other platforms is not currently planned.

Customer Support

Customer support is available via email. Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will do our best to help you out.


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