SEED Operative Support network

The SEED Operative Support network welcomes you to Ghost SEED Online, the world's first Ghost SEED operative career development website!

The S.O.S Story

In late 2010, a call went out to local science hobby groups for volunteers to test a new breakthrough technology - the quantum Selective Entropy Emitting Duality device, known as the Ghost SEED device.

Volunteers came from all over Western Nevada, long a destination for those interested in studying the less familiar scientific fields thanks to its natural desert beauty and warm weather. Most of those at the SEED Operative Support network participated in this first phase of Ghost SEED device testing and have been directly involved in the early operative recruitment and reacclimation programs.

In July of 2011, the Ghost SEED initiative settlement was reached between the InSight Institute, Opus Spiritum and the NODE Corporation. In addition to defining Ghost SEED technology use rights for the three organizations, the settlement provided for the rights of volunteer Ghost SEED technology testers by establishing the SEED Operative Support network as the sole licensing agency* for Ghost SEED device use.

S.O.S would like to encourage operatives and potential operatives to take full advantage of our forums. Come find your place in the future!

*The S.O.S. network is unable to comment on pending licensing lawsuits.


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