About Us

Ghost SEED was created by Ctenophore LLC, an indie game studio based in Seattle, WA.

The Ghost SEED team:

Jim Anderson

Jim is Development lead and partner at Ctenophore LLC. After a hearty programming career and spurred by his lifelong enjoyment of running D&D campaigns and playing video games, Jim decided to hare off into the indie game forest with his two stalwart partners and an M-97 Viper (+ accuracy, rate of fire). His preferred role is "Infiltrator".

Erwin Jansen

Erwin (or Herr Doctor Jansen, as he is known at the office) is Server lead and partner at Ctenophore LLC. He establishes and maintains order with his cleanly executed code and mastery of single instance modeling. Herr Doctor Jansen maintains an aura of cool efficiency under duress, helped by his "Soldier" class modifiers.

Corey J. Holmes

Corey is Content lead, business manager, and partner at Ctenophore LLC. She played her first video game, "Night Driver", at age five and soon became a regular at Arnold's, a local video game arcade in Seattle. Many years have passed but her love of video games and new adventures has never flagged. Corey prefers to tank while her partners flank. "Vanguard", is her class of choice.

Chris Larson

Chris is Ctenophore LLC's Graphics Artist. Anything visual, you go to him. Chris appeared at a fortuitous moment during the team's most recent adventure and saved the party's bacon. He was invited to join mid-story and did so with gusto and precision strikes.


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