The device

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In the alternate reality world of Ghost SEED, researchers have discovered a new technology that allows humans to reach out to previously unseen dimensions and interact with quantum particles - the very building blocks of the universe.

Using the quantum tunneling technology in a normal smartphone, the patented Ghost SEED software calibrates your phone antenna to sense the wave-energy of quantum particles. If enough particles interact within a certain area, a quantum Selective Entropy Emitting Duality, or Ghost SEED, is formed. The device is able to locate these SEEDs on a global map.

An operative using the Ghost SEED device has a unique and unparalleled opportunity to alter the fundamental structure of the fabric of the universe. Don't let random chance decide your fate - start building your own bold destiny with the help of the Ghost SEED device.

Helpful Hints

  • Do not operate your Ghost SEED device in, on, above or below water. Doing so may render flawed positioning and node establishment results due to excessive humidity and catastrophic battery failure.
  • Please do not operate your Ghost SEED device while driving or operating heavy machinery. Doing so could result in injury, dismemberment, or death.
  • While operating your Ghost SEED device, do not attempt to participate in games of chance as the results may throw off the accuracy of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Positioning Algorithm.
  • The rights to the term, “Heisenberg Uncertainty Positioning Algorithm” are owned by C.G. Schott, as are other terms referring to specific effects of Perceived Entropic Probability theory. C.G. Schott waives all claim to the use of such terms, as long as the user provides Mr. Schott with a comprehensive list of recent dice-based chance roll experiences and precise locations of said experiences (eg. “D&D Dark Masters session #28, d20, 3rd crit attempt, kitchen table”).
  • Operatives are urged to refrain from aggressive, abusive or immature language when utilizing the Help > Forum system provided by the Ghost SEED network. Failure to heed such advice may result in termination of Ghost SEED network rights and privileges, not to mention vicious, but not excessive, mockery.
  • Any harassment of CERN personnel and employees by Ghost SEED operatives will result in immediate termination of said operative’s Ghost SEED operative network privileges. These people are on the front lines of particle research - remember that when your finger hovers over "send".
  • Criticism, though not harassment, of public servants vis a vis the cancellation of Tevatron funding, is approved.

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