Ghost SEED licensing Organizations

In the alternate reality world of Ghost SEED, 3 particle physicists have discovered an interesting new phenomenon: persistent quantum fields focused around energetic particles that randomize probability outcomes within their areas of effect. They call these Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities "Ghost SEEDs" after their rare and mysterious natures.

During experimentation the three physicists come to radically different conclusions over the nature of the chaos SEEDs and nearly lose all of their research to mutually destructive lawsuits. They finally agree to a settlement and each forms their own organization to further develop this technology.

But what was originally a difference of scientific opinion has now become an open struggle for territorial dominance in the quantum realm as well as the visible universe as operatives for each organization attempt to conquer the ghost landscape and possibly, the future.

Ghost SEED device operative licenses are available from the three founding organizations of the Ghost SEED Initiative, InSight Institute, Opus Spiritum and the NODE Corporation.

InSight Institute



Do you wish there were some way of establishing order in the world? Do you feel that chaos is increasing and is threatening the well-being of your fellow man?

Casey G. Schott’s InSight Institute was founded to study and replace the chaotic elements in the quantum fabric with coherent Ghost SEEDs. History has shown that there are few stresses more damaging to the human outlook than that of chaos and insecurity. InSight Institute Operatives work to make a better future for all.

Opus Spiritum



Mother Nature supports the long-term well-being of the world by pruning weaker, less adaptable organisms so that the fittest may thrive. Perhaps you feel stronger for the tests that life presents to you?

Opus Spiritum, founded by Dr. Mariana Turba, works hard to understand and improve the chaotic effects of naturally occurring quantum probability fields, or Ghost SEEDs. Opus Spiritum operatives help the world to see the truth in chaos - a stronger tomorrow.

NODE Corporation



NODE Corporation Ghost SEED device operative research focuses on the utility of the quantum probability fields known as Ghost SEEDs. Research on the possible function of Ghost SEEDs is incomplete - why speculate on the unknown when we can focus on what is proven? NODE operatives are discovering and implementing new methods of field manipulation that lead to favorable probability outcomes.

New world? New opportunities.

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