When you begin playing Ghost SEED, you take on the role of a Ghost SEED device operative for one of three licensing and research organizations. Each organization is determined to dominate the field of Practical Particle Physics, and it's up to you, the field operative, to help or hinder them.

For decades, there have been questions as to the fundamental mechanics and meaning of quantum physics. In Ghost SEED, those questions are brought to dynamic life through real-time struggles for control over the quantum realm, a place where ideas, observation, and mathematics come to energetic life.

As a Ghost SEED operative, your opinion matters. Every action you take has global ramifications. Each time you destroy a competitor’s FORT, a new opportunity for you and your allies opens.

If you love adventure, tend to seek out new and novel experiences, and are fascinated with the world of 11th-dimensional quantum string theory, then a career as a Ghost SEED operative is for you!


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