Help us test the campaign system!

Campaign the ZerothWe're kicking off our campaign system next week with a bang, so help us make sure everything is running smoothly!

Campaigns are one or two week contests that pit organizations against one another. At the end of the campaign, one of the organizations will have won, and every active player in that organization will benefit.


Organization report for 28 July, 2012

Organization report for Saturday, 28. July 2012 10:23PM

S.O.S. is releasing a series of bi-weekly organization reports to display the state of the SEED Operative world. This is the first. These reports will detail various statistics compiled from organization operatives to date. Future reports will include additional data showing the changes in these statistics from the previous week.


Chaos nodes linked with economic downturn, scientist warns

InSight Institute scientist Wes Friedman has published a paper linking the current economic downturn with the sudden rise of naturally occurring "chaotic nodes" around the world.


"It is clear that these nodes cluster around populated areas", Friedman said, "while simulations show a strong correlation between their increasing numbers and the current economic downturn."



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