Campaign timing oddness

My day job has sent me off to chilly, sunny South Korea, which puts the kibosh on my ability to do a campaign switch (it's a long story). Because of that, I'm going to be extending the current campaign until January 27th. Campaigns will resume their normal timing and duration after that. Be safe, conquer often, and have a Happy Holiday!


InSight Institute Rakes It In!

Casey C. Schott's InSight Institute dominated this week's campaign, bringing in double the credits of the other two organizations combined!

Analysts speculate if the intensified economic activity is a precursor to a renewed offensive, or if it represents a stockpile against future action.


The Calm Before the Storm?

The seventeenth campaign drew to a close this evening with no change between the three organizations, prompting analysts to announce that we may be witnessing the build-up to a renewed offensive.


Node Corporation Victorious in the New World Order

Node Corporation has emerged victorious in this week's campaign, beating out (literally) rivals InSight Institute and Opus Spiritum.


Opus Spiritum Dominates in Eighth Dimension and at Home

In the aftermath of the unravelling of the eighth dimension, Opus Spiritum's Dr. Mariana Turba has been vindicated as census data shows a decline in chaos nodes. Building on this, Opus Spiritum operatives have dominated in this week's campaign, destroying more chaos nodes than both InSight and NODE operatives combined.


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