NODE Knows what is best!

In a stunning victory, NODE Corporation has shown that they indeed know what is best in life: conquest!


A Campaign Again! Answer the question 'What is Best in Life?'

After another break, we are resuming campaigns, with a focus on (surprise) conquest!


NODE Wins Again!

NODE Corporation has once again shown that they are the organization to beat, as they continued their surge towards global domination, conquering a stunning 318 new regions and emerging victorious in the latest campaign!


NODE Corporation Surges Ahead!

NODE Corporation surged to victory in the latest campaign, conquering more new regions than rivals InSight Institute and Opus Spiritum combined!

Operatives for the NODE Corporation, long considered economically strong yet tactically weak, proved that they should not be underestimated by dominating S.O.S. reports of new regions controlled.


Whapping chat with a hammer

I've heard from a few players that chat isn't working for them. It's working for me, as well as for everyone I know who plays. If you're having problems with chat not working, can you drop me a line (either in the forums, on the Facebook page, or via the in-game feedback screen), please? I'd like to get a handle on what's going on, so that I can fix this. Danke danke, and keep on conquering!

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