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Latest news

Opus Spiritum Has The Sparkles!

In a hotly contested economic campaign, Opus Spiritum has pulled together for victory by a slim margin!


NODE Shall Not Go Quietly!

Economic juggernaut NODE Corporation has soared to a win in the latest campaign, showing just how effective it can be.


The Final Countdown

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with Ghost SEED. We here at Ghost SEED Central have made the difficult decision to retire the game on September 20th, 2014. It's been a thrilling couple of years, with ups and downs and failures and success, but throughout it all we are thankful to have made a game with such fantastic players, and we're very pleased that you've chosen to spend some of your leisure time with us. We'll be running a set of campaigns counting down to the last day of the game, and they're sure to be a lot of fun. After the 20th, we'll be keeping the website up along with the leaderboards so your triumphs will remain.

Thank you all.

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Ghost SEED - the global game of local influence


Ghost SEED is a free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, location-based game for Android devices, with an iOS port coming in 2013. Sign up as an operative for one of three Practical Particle Physics research organizations and start claiming territory for your side!

When we say local, we mean very, very local.

Spitting distance local. Everything you do in the game is done within a ~25 meter radius of your observed position on Earth. The game is played with dynamic, interacting pieces called SEEDs (Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities); other players are invisible in the game. Their ghostly influence can only be felt through the effects of their SEEDs.

It's a game of territorial control played on a global map.

Players choose a side in the three-way struggle for control of research and development of the newly discovered Quantum Realm, a place where the basic structures of the universe are observable and malleable. You will place SEEDs to claim territory, attack enemies and defend allies. This is not just a numbers game - attacks happen through line-of-sight so position and placement matter.

Strategize with your teammates. Undermine your enemies.

Each organization has a unique motivation, but all are hell bent on expanding their influence at the expense of the others. Forums and in-game messaging allow you to strategize and coordinate tactical maneuvers with teammates. A dynamic, single-server, persistent world means your victories (and defeats) will change the balance of power on the map. The shape of the conflict will decide the direction the game takes - as teams adapt and take action, so will the game conform to their choices.

Join the game and show those amateurs at CERN how it's done! *

* Actually, we love you guys. Seriously.

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  • Easy to learn
    Easy to learn
  • Coordinate with your organization
    Coordinate with your organization
  • Earn achievements
    Earn achievements
  • Acquire
  • Think tactically
    Think tactically
  • Gather resources
    Gather resources
  • Control territory
    Control territory
  • A hidden struggle is taking place
    A hidden struggle is taking place
  • Take a strategic view
    Take a strategic view
  • Plan your attacks
    Plan your attacks
  • Meet challenges
    Meet challenges

"I am going to take over the world! Ghost SEED, super badass!"

TSquared and Mrs. Violence, GameSpot

...the happy confluence of 1) location-based mobile game, 2) lab-coat-wearing local developers, and 3) SCIENCE...definitely worth checking out.

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