Opus Spiritum Has The Sparkles!


Dr. Mariana Turba's Opus Spiritum has won the first of the last five campaigns of Ghost SEED, one celebrating the efforts of the gatherers!

In a surprising victory, the strategic geniuses at Opus Spiritum gathered almost 18% more particles than second place winners The InSight Institute, and over 35% more than the economic powerhouse NODE Corporation! This victory proves that anything is possible for anyone, especially if they're led by a plucky Italian physicist!

Opus Spiritum operatives receive a campaign badge, while active Opus Spiritum operatives also receive 20,000 in-game credits. Please join me in congratulating Opus Spiritum for a very spirited (*cough cough*) campaign!

The Final Countdown - 4

As we continue our countdown to the 20th of September, we'd like to give a round of applause to the gladiators who play this game to make an attack. Without them, there would be no territorial conquest. There would be no conflict. So raise a glass to the gladiators, put on your inspirational music and sally forth!

The winner of this campaign will be the organization that participates in the most battles. This campaign will run from Saturday July 26th to August 9th 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

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