NODE Shall Not Go Quietly!


Economic powerhouse NODE Corporation soared to a clear victory, upsetting tactical rivals The InSight Institute and Opus Spiritum.

In a campaign focused on FORT placement, NODE Corporation operatives placed 243 FORTs over the last two weeks, a significant margin over second place The InSight Institute (at 176) and third place Opus Spiritum (at 146). This win shows that NODE Corporations economic focus, tied with a drive to succeed on the tactical level, is a winning combination.

NODE Corporation operatives receive a campaign badge, while active NODE Corporation operatives also receive 20,000 in-game credits. Please join me in congratulating NODE Corporation on this excellent win!

The Final Countdown - 5

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with Ghost SEED. We here at Ghost SEED Central have made the difficult decision to retire the game on September 20th, 2014. It's been a thrilling couple of years, with ups and downs and failures and success, but throughout it all we are thankful to have made a game with such fantastic players, and we're very pleased that you've chosen to spend some of your leisure time with us. We'll be running a set of campaigns counting down to the last day of the game, and they're sure to be a lot of fun. After the 20th, we'll be keeping the website up along with the leaderboards so your triumphs will remain.

As we begin our countdown to the 20th of September, we'd like to start by honoring the gatherers. They're what make this game possible, for without gathering there would be no economy, and without economy there would be no battle! So put on your inspirational music and get gathering! The winner of this campaign will be the organization that gathers the most energetic particles.

This campaign will run from Saturday July 12th to the 26th 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

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