Opus Spiritum Defends the Wall


Dr. Mariana Turba's Opus Spiritum, long considered the strongest organization where territorial control is concerned, proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with after defeating rivals The InSight Institute and NODE Corporation in this latest campaign.

In honor of the season finale of a certain series, this campaign focused on defense, with the winning organization being the one to lose the least FORTs. Opus Spiritum, with a strong focus on defense, lost only 66 FORTs compared to second place The InSight Institute (105) and NODE Corporation (123).

Opus Spiritum operatives receive a campaign badge, while active Opus Spiritum operatives also receive 20,000 in-game credits. Please join me in congratulating Opus Spiritum on this excellent victory!

Not Quietly

We're all familiar with the line about not going quietly into the night? Well, we at Ghost SEED HQ agree! And those of you with a musical background know that another word for quiet is piano, while the opposite would be forte. And doesn't forte sound just a little like fort? We think so, too. So! The winner of this campaign will be the organization that does not go quietly, and instead places the most FORTs!

This campaign will run from Saturday June 28th to July 12th 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

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