Opus Spiritum Takes Out The Stops, NODE Ultimate Winner


The Four-Part Regional Conquest Campaign has ended, and it has been a very close race!

Dr Mariana Turba's Opus Spiritum rallied strongly in the fourth part to this campaign, narrowly defeating rival NODE Corporation by taking 87 regions to NODE's 85. After a strong finish in the third part, Casey G. Schott's InSight Institute fell back to take 17 regions.

Despite the efforts of the other two organizations, regional conquest juggernauts NODE Corporation won the campaign overall, with 2 wins to 1 each from Opus Spiritum and The Insight Institute.

Opus Spiritum operatives will receive a campaign badge, with active Opus Spiritum operatives also receiving 30,000 in-game credits. NODE Corporation operatives will also receive a badge for winning the entire campaign, with active NODE Corporation operatives also receiving 50,000 in-game credits for taking the entire campaign.

Please join me in congratulating Opus Spiritum for this spirited win, as well as NODE Corporation for their victory over the campaign as a whole!

The Question That Drives Us

Welcome to the 42nd campaign of Ghost SEED!

42 is an interesting number, as it invokes many questions about life, the universe, and indeed everything. This is, ultimately, the question that drives us. We here at Ghost SEED HQ humbly suggest that the answer may lie in battle. So queue up your battle songs (it would be hard to go wrong with this) and get cracking! The winner of this campaign will be the organization who has participated in the most battles over the course of the two weeks.

This campaign will run from Saturday May 31th to the June 14th 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

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