InSight Institute Inspires Intensity!


Casey G. Schott's InSight Institute has soundly beaten both rivals Opus Spiritum and NODE Corporation to win the third part of this four part regional conquest campaign.

The InSight Institute (traditionally not strong at regional conquest) added 37 regions to their total, bringing the number of controlled regions to 1349. Second place Opus Spiritum took 32 regions, bringing their total to 2062, while regional powerhouse NODE Corporation added 13 regions to their stable, bringing their total to 2545. It's unclear if this means that active game areas are now being saturated, with fewer new regions conquered and more battles taking place in regions that are already held. Historically, NODE Corporation does not do as well in battle, while the InSight Institute is strongest in battle against the other conporations.

InSight Institute operatives will receive a campaign badge, while active InSight operatives also receive 30,000 in-game credits. Congratulations to the InSight Institute for an extremely well played win!

Think Regionally, Part 4

As we roll into the fourth and final part of this four part campaign, it's time to start picking up the pace. This campaign takes regional conquest to a new level. This campaign is the final part of a 4-part campaign focusing on regional conquest. Each of the four campaigns will be won by the organization that conquers the most regions, and then the overall winner will win something extra. This campaign will run from Saturday May 17th to the 31st 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

Interestingly, should the InSight Institute win this campaign, we will have a tie for the four part campaign. If that happens, we'll roll into overtime and add a fifth overtime campaign.

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