NODE Eeks Out A Win



Regional conquest powerhouse NODE Corporation edged out operatives from the InSight Institute, securing a second win in the four part regional conquest campaign.

NODE Corporation operatives conquered 38 new regions, bringing their grand total to 2545 regions controlled, while the InSight Institute rallied to second place with 29 regions conquered. Interestingly, the InSight Institute historically does not do well in regional conquest, controlling only 1349 regions, making them the most effective organization for their regional powerbase. Regional control has a direct effect on resources collected, giving NODE a clear edge in this and making the InSight Institute's efforts this campaign that much more impressive. Third place Opus Spiritum controlled a respectable 2030 regions by the end of the campaign, though fierce battles with enemy organizations prevented them from gaining very many new regions.

NODE Corporation operatives receive a campaign badge, while active NODE operatives also receive 20,000 in-game credits. A big congratulations to NODE, who are on their way to sweeping this four-part campaign!

The Big Four Oh!

The Big Four-Oh! Congratulations to everyone for participating in our campaigns, and welcome to the 40th Ghost SEED Campaign! As we roll into the third part of this four part campaign, it's time to start picking up the pace. This campaign takes regional conquest to a new level. This campaign is the third part of a 4-part campaign focusing on regional conquest. Each of the four campaigns will be won by the organization that conquers the most regions, and then the overall winner will win something extra.

Considering the excellent showing of NODE Corporation, and the impressive challenge put forth by the InSight Institute, let's make this more interesting. If NODE Corporation does not win this campaign, the winning organization will receive an extra 50% on their campaign winnings.

This campaign will run from Saturday May 3rd to the 17th 2014 at 3:00PM PST (22:00 GMT)

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